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Also, I do quite well with my online businesses and ended up losing multiple six figures in the divorce.

” The app obviously can’t do anything about your actual genetics, but it does grant you a spiritual experience in which you can finally talk to a mother figure who truly just doesn’t give a single shit when you’re getting married.

You simply input your “mommy preferences” and ALAYH will match you up with a “mom” that’s ready to private chat, text, talk on the phone, and even meet in person without once asking “if you’re seeing anyone” or “you want to be married before you turn 30 though, right?

It was one of the most soul-crushing moments of my life.

Our marriage had fallen apart long ago, but the kids are still young and are taking it badly.

It will still show under the “connected apps” section of Facebook.

This is simply unacceptable when you’re trying to have a discreet affair.

Unfortunately, my wife (now ex) got suspicious and signed up herself.

She used the passport feature to find my profile and sent me a message with a screenshot asking for a divorce.

Also, the paid membership area acts as a barrier to stop people from signing up and snooping.

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