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But Hingis maintained her innocence, saying, “I have tested positive but I have never taken drugs and I feel 100 percent innocent.” She also said, “I would personally be terrified of taking drugs.

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Her doubles appearances with Anna Kournikova attracted large amount of attention, mainly for this reason. Czech, German (in particular Swiss German), English, and some French.

According to a May 2003 article, Hingis is spent her time studying English, making personal appearances for various sponsors, playing tennis recreationally, and indulging in her love of horseriding.

1 John Lloyd and Chris Evert-Lloyd v Björn Borg and Mariana Simionescu It was love all round on a sunny afternoon in June 1980, when John Lloyd and his wife Chris Evert-Lloyd swapped volleys with Björn Borg and his fiancee, Romanian tennis player Mariana Simionescu, during a charity mixed doubles match at Battersea Park.

'Björn ran about the court as if it was a Wimbledon singles final,' Mariana remembered.

Martina Hingis was born September 30, 1980 and was a professional tennis player from Switzerland.

Born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), Hingis lived for a time in Florida but has now returned to Switzerland.'I only had two serious boyfriends before Andre,' the now retired Graf said.'We are madly in love.' The relationship led to a resurgence in Agassi's career, as he rose from 141st in the world to number one in 2000.'I tried everything I knew, but Chris seemed determined to prove that a married couple is technically better than a pair of fiances.' Amid many hugs, kisses, and pats on the backside with tennis rackets, the Lloyds ran out comfortable 6-4, 6-3 winners. 2 Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery After leaving CJ Hunter, her shot-putter husband of three years, triple Olympic gold medallist Marion Jones went to the opposite end of the athletics spectrum for her next partner, 100metres world record holder Tim Montgomery.The pair, who are still together, had 'the world's fastest baby' when Tim Jnr arrived in 2003.Although this event was a warm-up for Wimbledon, it was not part of the WTA Tour.

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