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The Open Mouth Weedless, later called Open Mouth Shiner, was introduced in 1919.

This big lure has long hand painted gill marks and glass eyes, and has the early unmarked diving lip. 4800 Creek Chub Wee Dee is one of the all-time classic lures - and one of my personal favorites.

Its box is almost eight inches long and has a design similar to the Wiggler intro box. The bug-like plug with single hooks and wire antennas was short-lived, dating to 1936, and is one of the most sought-after lures of all times.

It is still very hard to find, having been made only one or two years.

The lure itself, however, was made for almost 30 years and is one of this company's easiest lures to locate.

The Creek Chub Crawdad also came in its special introductory box.

This example was the first box, and was made only one year.The Famous Pikie Minnow was introduced around 1919.This one is in a crisp intro picture box with special papers.Creek Chub lures are found in almost every tacklebox. The initials CCBC of course, stand for Creek Chub Bait Co.The Creek Chub Wiggler was one of Creek Chub Bait Company's earliest baits.Note the rare Creek Crab box (shown above) and the interesting colors of early Creek Chub Wiggler lures, some of which have no eyes. This is the prettiest lure from among the outstanding baits shown in the great field find above. This minty lure has hand-painted gills and the earliest plain tail.

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