Mmf bi dating sites jill scott dating lamman rucker 2016

As with Lady_borg, I just kind of fell into the whole thing.

Mmf bi dating sites-17

His wife decided that it was ok if he had sex with male friends and I happened to be one of the friends that he approached.

Over time, we got very close and started calling each other boyfriends.

I want someone domineering and rough and intellectual and outdoorsy.

My husband wants someone gentle and loving who smokes a lot of weed and plays a lot of video games.

After a couple years she moved in and is now his serious girlfriend and my metamour.

I am not bisexual so this is definitely not what I pictured.It's taken a lot of long nights of communication, but I'm so very happy with my little family. It's just been us 3 for the most part over the years, for the past 5 we've been a closed group. We're not antisocial but we all like our privacy and "me" time. So here's a question: Should the common threesome shorthand that describes the configuration by letter placement be used for relationships? I favour the "jump over" terminology using ^ as a symbol to show other connections.:)I'd describe us as a V instead of a triad because my male partners don't have any kind of romantic or sexual interest in each other. For the longest time they weren't particularly social together but knew that they could always count on the other if they needed something and always had respect for each other. I mean MMF would mean a V with a man at the meeting point. With it you can write M^FM where it means the first M also connects with the other M.I have a girlfriend (who is also married) who I have been with for 4 years. It started because I told my best friend I had a crush on him.She doesn't live with us because she has her own kids and a few other smaller logistical complications. He is openly bi and so is my husband so it worked out.That is the male equivalent of a unicorn and is not fair at all to ask of anyone.

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