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The data from your home network is completely separate from Virgin Media Wi Fi traffic, meaning the broadband connection you pay for is exclusively yours, and just as secure. A Virgin Media Wi Fi user can't see anything on the home broadband network they’re connected to.Likewise, someone using the home broadband network will not be able to see if anyone is connected to the separate connection in their Hub, or what they’re doing.If you’d rather not be a part of Virgin Media Wi Fi, simply let us know by registering or signing in to My Virgin Media, going to “My Profile” below and ticking the ‘opt out’ checkbox under “My Virgin Media Wifi.” Thanks to Virgin Media Wi Fi you can now get online with ease in more than 250 London Underground stations and Victoria Coach station.

Bookstores are a slam-dunk for Wi-Fi (hint: many people in bookstores are not reading books).

Many big-box chains offer it, including Target and some Staples and Comp USA stores — and it is becoming more common. Many unexpected places also offer free Wi-Fi these days.

Free Wi-Fi can come with a bite: Hackers can use unsecured Wi-Fi connections to access your data, distribute malware or otherwise cause havoc.

Take precautions: Be sure to use a VPN, a secure connection for any websites you visit, and turn off Wi-Fi when you don't need it. Go to Starbucks, for example, and you're expected to make a purchase if you intend to linger — although you may be able to nurse that latte for hours.

To welcome you to the network you get 10 minutes, 10 texts and 10MB of data for free for your first 30 days Top-up your Asda Mobile account in any Asda store, wherever you see the top-up logo or call us on 2732 Pay as you go with our standard tariff or text your chosen bundle code to 2732.

Check out our bundles The staff at your call centre were the most helpful I have come across.

We want you to connect to Virgin Media Wi Fi in as many areas of the UK as possible, so we’ve expanded our service by adding Virgin Media Hubs to the network.

By switching on a separate connection to the Hub in your home, our customers can benefit from amazing Wi Fi coverage across the UK, without affecting the speed or security of the broadband you love and pay for. If your Hub is part of this rollout, you’ll have recently received a communication by email or letter.

Many fast-food chains have free Wi-Fi, including Mc Donald's, most Taco Bell locations, Burger King, Subways, Quiznos and Arby's.

Other restaurant chains have joined the Wi-Fi bandwagon: Panera Bread, Denny's and some Applebee's.

You can opt out of your Hub being added to the Virgin Media Wi Fi network by registering or signing in to My Virgin Media and going to My Profile.

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