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But I thought she had always said no to you when you had asked.

Their move to the heartland was an attempt to shield Ralph from the temptations of the free love environment of San Francisco as well as the drug culture he was becoming enamored with. Ralph was spoiled in so many ways and it was remarkable that he had ever fallen in love with and married a simple midwest girl.

They had met at Berkeley where Lois had gotten a scholarship and where Ralphs wealthy parents had been able to send him.

She was not very interested in farming and leased most of the acreage out and the Jensens farm had shrunk as well in the years since Lars death.

Inger still had some chickens and and a couple of milk cows. " Todd had been quiet during much of the conversation and was having a hard time focusing on what was being said.

August 1971: Nebraska It was only supposed to be for three weeks but now he was wishing the commitment was for longer, so much longer. Todd raised his hips and started to thrust into her grasping hands. I said I wasn't sure but I thought you would be." "I've got nowhere else to be so I suppose so." "I wonder why she is so interested? Her long blond hair tickled his balls while she swirled her tongue around his helmet head as she stroked and milked his shaft.

What she was doing felt so wonderful and he knew he was getting close. She had to be able to feel his nutsack tighten up in anticipation but he knew he wouldn't be allowed to go over the edge until he said it again. He loved the way they looked wrapped around his stiffness and the way the blood red fingernail polish contrasted with his pale stalk. She tried to pass it off as a casual question but I could tell that your presence was important to her." "I met her at the feed store last week, helped her load her truck. " She said after slowly sliding up the shaft and coating it with her lipstick. Todds balls tightened further and she knew from experience that her reward was on its way.

Most days I feel every year of that forty one." "You don't look it though Lois." "I think you both look great whatever the age." Todd interjected. Three weeks would give her just the time she would need to get over her tendinitis flare up." "I wouldn't want to impose like that." Inger said. You certainly have the muscles for it." As Inger said this she stroked his forearm from elbow to wrist.

"I'm sure the young man has a lot of other things he would rather be doing than milking cows for an old lady." "I wouldn't mind. When she did so her right breast pressed against his upper arm.

Todd shuddered and his cock strained inside his denim as it hardened with instant desire.

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