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Witnesses said a razor blade also was found, but it was not there when police ar- rived; he said. 21 _ Normal 35 10 .04 m Precipitation Month to date: .11 Normal mo. New York City ♦ Historic 50-barrel copper brew kettle used in Chicago until Prohibition ♦ Antique spiral staircase from the original True Blue Brewing Company, North Hampton, Penn. •- ♦ Bistro for meetings and special j events j • ♦ Libra ry/conversation area ♦ Two standing bars; dart game area[ ♦ Brewery tours on Saturdays a.m., | or by special arrangement j fci) if3 1 Sty g¥l tom rmmi satellite after solar-panel trouble CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Wednesday Boise State University Division of Continuing Education _ and the College of Business and Economics -Magic Valley Program 1 996 Spring Semester Schedule of Classes • Classes Begin January 16 AG-304 Intermediate Acto I . •-Teke-one;c1ass orsign up full time • the program any semestai • Three-year schedule of classes available • Visit the BSU/Maglc Valley coordinator for advising and registration in the Taylor Bulling, CSI campus. 2284 i Vitamin C I helps diabetics The Washington Post ; Liquid doses of vitamin C infused ' » directly into the bloodstream con «'• improve blood-ves Sel function in -8r «d u I^rabeti CTT-posribly-irverting: - ; cardiovascular complications later ; in life,' a new study suggests. diovasculnr diseases diabetics are I*; especially prone to, including h eart ;' failure and blindness. • Blood vessels -normally constrict ;{'and dilate in response to various ri c hemical : signals in jhc body, but ■ jj diabetics they gradu^ljno Sfftll J; , nbljity, a loss that apparently con- f ttibuti»:to diabetics’ increased risk j ofivascular diseases/ Doctors don’t »'• diabetics.

The testi-i cles, found next to Rock Creeli, appeared to be freshly severed with a knife, Ryun( said. Tonight fair in the evening then increasing clouds. Breezy alter midnight Monday cloudy, breezy and mild with a chance of rain. - Thc-ultraviol ft ind e x f ore cas t is -lr a -m in i ma i expos u re level: — Extended regional forecast Tuesday cloudy with a good chance of volley ruin and moun- tain snow. In a similar situation, former Senate Republican leader Howard Baker of Tennessee temporarily stepped aside from his minority- leadership job when he unsuccess- fully sought the GOP presidential nomination in 1980. • Mark the date, call your friends -r 516 Second-Street-South- ■ At long last, and after two years , . pomc of ^~ m Z^Com P dny Hrewpub T ._ ♦ Located in the last remaining buifding of the Twin Falls Milling and Elevator Company, built in 1914; listed on the Historic Register ♦ Antique 1 890's backbar from . tablets prove ns effective os the orte- J,' rial inftisions, vitamin C supplc- ‘mentation may become h routine j;- way to help' prevent the many car- .

is wmsmitted elcctroitica.%' A park visitor called police. Wodncadsy mostly cloudy and colder with a chance of snow showers. during most of the’ balanced budget negotiations since November, has said he doesn’t plan to give up his rote as Senate majori- ty leader. jtf Additional nin% TO BE SERVED AT MUGGERS, YOU'LL HAVE TO THE RIGHT AGE, Ales: 1 4 days Lagers: 30- days ALL FALL & HOLIDAY CLEARANCE RACKS! 1 5th, Muggers Brewpub will begin serving fresh beer, tempting appetizers and delicious specials in an atmosphere unlike anyplace else in Twin Fa|ls. For the first, time in the history of Twin Falls, hand-made, hand-crafted, ufresh-brewed beer from our own brewery will be legally sold to the public.

It took place only 35 miles west of Tuzln, wherep'phau, with President Franjo Tudjman and told the Croats who greeted him at Zagreb' airport. “Japanese proverb says the last step on descending ladder is most essential," said Kyichi Kuricki, satellite project manager, "so we look forward to eventual, beautiful landing at the Kennedy Space Contcr." . For more inforrnatioi) or to register, call 934-8678. ' Well, I'm restructuring my tele- phone bill and eliminating you.- Twin Falls Senior Citizens Monday through Friday oh request.

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