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Beware of these scams Social media posts recruiting for Multi Choice Please be aware that there are dangerous scams disguised as recruitment ads for Multi Choice.

One of our suppliers who recruits on our behalf, Afrizan, does use Facebook and twitter to advertise roles.

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Every advert has a reference number which can be verified against opportunities posted to the Afrizan website.

Please note that neither Multi Choice nor its suppliers will ever offer to drive you to an interview. If you're interested in working for Multi Choice, you can look for opportunities and submit our CV on our careers page on the Multi Choice website.

If someone offers you a discounted DStv subscription at a once off payment, treat this with suspicion and check it with us.

To check if someone is a DStv accredited installer – ask them for their DStv ID card, which specifies their qualification as well as the accredited company they work for. Hints and tips to help you identify a scam While some scams are difficult to identify, there are usually tell-tale signs that can help you spot if something is a scam.

Typically, the higher the trust level, the more money lost.

The RCMP encourages individuals looking for companionship through these websites to be cautious: be suspicious when someone you haven't met professes their love; be skeptical when chatting with an individual who claims to live nearby but is working overseas (this can be a set up so that they can later ask for money).

If you receive something that you think is a scam or if you’re not sure whether something is legitimately from Multi Choice, please send an email to [email protected] contact us on Twitter, Facebook or on our DStv Forum.

In 2016, 748 victims lost over million to scammers pretending to be in love.

DStv installation scam Scammers posing as DStv accredited installers are offering customers unrealistic DStv services like free package upgrades or free DStv for life for a minimal once off fee.

DStv offers 6 subscription packages that you can choose from.

So you're ready to dip your toes in the online dating world and find yourself a new friend, companion or romantic partner.

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