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I started watching more shows about video games, and nerd culture was coming into its own.

Comic conventions were cool all of a sudden, and celebrities I loved started going to them, but I still wasn't engaged in the community of it - I was just a background observer. I ended a long term relationship and was trying to find where I fit.

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One of the amazing things about living in Toronto right now is that if there is something you are passionate about, there is probably a group in the city who is also into it and will welcome you!

Toronto has a reputation of being cold, but I've felt nothing but warmth from these communities and there is a fun, nerdy activity happening almost every night of the week!

I didn't really have a community of any kind and just floated around doing my own things.

Fast forward to probably the late 2000's when I started getting back in touch with my nerdier side.

Bad Dog was sharing a booth with Illusionoid at Fan Expo, so I volunteered to work the booth and started to get that old convention excitement!

I discovered things like Nerd Mafia Pub Night and started meeting a bunch of people who were all into the same things as I was and they were as eager to share their passion and love as I was to hear about it!

Now it could be easy to be hella jealous of this lady because she is basically living my dream life, but she's so likeable that it's impossible!

We've never met but based on the many twitter exchanges about Dragon Age, I'm pretty sure we'd get along famously!

I've always been lucky to have had mostly positive associations with being a nerd!

My first exposure to a Toronto nerd community was probably CN Anime 2000.

We had a good three year run with some amazing photos and memories but, like all good things, this time came to an end.

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