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God help us, somebody has to be hurt, murdered or killed before we will recognize the problem we have and go back and fix it.In corrections we didn’t do it for so long because we all believed we were just supposed to lock them up.The documentary features Cain describing his unusual ideas about prison reform. He invited the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to open an ordination program on the prison grounds, and today, hundreds of inmate-ministers are turning thousands of their incarcerated brethren to Jesus.

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These are some of the most forsaken men in all of America.

The second is that I shouldn’t be fooled by Cain’s affect and appearance.

Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola; MPLA), led by Agostinho Neto and based in Luanda, took power, an act that was internationally, though not universally, recognized.

The constitution of 1975 established a one-party state headed by a prime minister and deputy prime minister were abolished in 1978, with a prime minister not appointed again until 1991; a National People’s Assembly was created in 1980.

The mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, has made it a practice to visit the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola from time to time to consult with a group of convicted murderers, native New Orleanians all, about ways to stem the violence afflicting his city.

It is always smart to go to the experts, Landrieu thought, and so he did.A lot of these guys had terrible schooling outside, and that’s why they’re here in the first place.” He went on, “The ones who are here for life, they need schooling, too. Some of the inmates in here for life are our best instructors in the vocational programs.” Cain suggests, in the documentary, that America would not be the world capital of incarceration if it could figure out a way to intervene in the lives of young men before they commit acts of violence, rather than after.“We had to have a victim to send them here and get them prepared to go back into society and be successful.He may seem like a “good ’ol boy,” Landrieu said, but he’s actually one of the most thoughtful corrections leaders in the country.“The warden has some very progressive ideas,” Landrieu said.“He knows that we’re all about the quick fix—more guards, more prisons, more punishment.

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