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The show contrasted the cultures of conservative parents with their more liberated, '70s-drenched children.Older morals about lifetime marriages, church-proscribed divorce, chastity outside of marital sanction were constantly being tested by New-World, New-Era urban values.on the other side of town in a small Irish bar." Ryan patriarch Johnny (Bernard Barrow) owned a bar, Ryan's, across from fictional Riverside Hospital in New York City.

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Mary's sister, Siobhan, was brought to town to become romantically involved with a man, Joe Novak, who turned out to be a mobster, a storyline that offed Mary in a grisly bludgeoning murder when she and Jack were investigating the mafia ties of the fiancé.

Malcolm Groome chose to leave the role of Pat Ryan in 1978 and was replaced with John Blazo (1978–1979), Robert Finoccoli (1979), and Patrick James Clarke (1982–1983).

Lefferts was soon replaced by Robert Costello, who remained with the show until 1978.

Nancy Ford co-wrote the first episode with Labine and Mayer.

In late 1974, ABC Daytime approached Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer, the head writers of CBS' Love of Life, about creating a new soap opera similar to General Hospital.

Labine and Mayer added a large Irish-American family — the Ryans — to what ABC was initially calling City Hospital.

All these recasts left the writers struggling to give a voice to any of the Ryan children and left the show's core family feeling unfamiliar to viewers.

Other characters not related to the Ryans were also recast.

Mary became irresistibly attracted to a reporter exposing Frank's blackmailing scandal, the fiery Jack Fenelli, and eventually moved in with him without benefit of marriage.

These extramarital and premarital affairs, the attendant children out of wedlock, the careerist women, the assertion of abortion rights: the clash of generational values in the Ryan clan was interesting to viewers, and there developed a passionate following for Kate Mulgrew's portrayal of Mary Ryan.

Another of the show's working titles was "A Rage to Love," but that was soon changed.

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