Online dating site for canada

No yoga instructor the unsolicited stripping in the hall when I pick you up isn’t going to fly when we are supposed to be friends but thanks for the show. Statistically about every 6 months I get a digital stalker that I have to be pretty stern with and block.For the record most people I elect to accept or ask for their number I rarely date never mind sleep with.You know this especially in person when you’re more interested in their occupation than them as a person. I mean let’s face it who wants to date someone they’re not going to be with for long?

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Yes, it’s a little crazy out there but if you follow my list you’ll probably benefit from avoiding a lot of heartache.

What I want might not be what you want but then again I want someone that goes the distance.

Not someone that makes me want to escape or feel alone.

One can’t be afraid to ask the tough questions if they want the right thing.

I haven’t written about any of my dates over the last 3/4 of a year because really I’ve got nothing to complain about.

So long as I follow my rules and what I want it’s all awesome.That said, I don’t avoid my list of dating red flags.My last date I asked her why she was single leading up to this and she mentioned how hung up she was about her ex and it had been 2 years.At this point I’m thinking a lot of this knowledge and experience could benefit others.It’s been 234 days since my last chart so I figured it was overdue to see where things were at.People are really messed up from their exes and some attribute the drugs they’re on as a result of it.

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