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She also has maintained her body well and for this purpose she had joined a jam as well.

Her Mammay (boobs) are of 38 size, while her other measurements are 32 and 42 respectively. Shehla is of 24 (she was Sana's class fellow before she married to our brother).

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Then comes our Elder brother Zahid and his wife our Bhabhi (brother's wife) Shehla. She has a very fine body and her measurements are 36, 30 and 40.

And last but not least, is our younger brother Shahid (19).

He is a microcopy of elder brother Zahid but he has more soft and clear body as compared to Zahid. I will use Urdu/Hindi laguage words in English fonts, in some places because It will give real touch to the story as I am Urdu speaking and use it always.

So here the story goes: It was a hot night, as the month of June was started.

First of all I am thankful to all those who send me comments about my first story, "Meri Kunwari Choot Parne Wala", which was about my first sex encounter with my boy friend Imran.

As I told you in that story as well that I am 21 year old unmarried girl.

My hips are of 40, and are tight and caught up ward. My skin color is light black like most of sub-continent ladies.

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