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In the run-time tests performed for this survey, I always ask the solvers to find two solutions, unless the solver doesn't support that option.

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It's in no particular hurry to find the correct solution.

Since the puzzle was generated from a drawing, we know that the correct solution is out there somewhere.

There is an important distinction to be made between simply solving a puzzle and validating it.

In solving a puzzle, the goal is simply to find a solution.

I try to document in detail how I went about installing and running the solver.

My testing procedure is generally to figure out how to get the solver running on my computer (which normally runs Linux but can be booted into Windows), write some code so that I can export puzzles from the database in the correct format to be read by the solver, and then test the solvers on the puzzles.

Hakan Kjellerstrand's Mini Zinc Nonogram Solver 5.2.3. The puzzles consist of a blank grid with numbers along the top and one side.

Other common names for these puzzles are Nonograms, Griddlers, Hanjie, and Picross.

Then for the faster solvers, I run them on a collection consisting of every black & white puzzle posted on as of a certain date.

I start out by testing each solver on a small collection of interesting puzzles, collecting run times in a table.

They might, for example, exploit regularities that often appear in human designed puzzles to guess correctly which cells should be black, so as to get more quickly to the solution and avoid running into dead ends.

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