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Kelso, who often bothered him about not doing his job.

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The Janitor was an unproductive custodian and handyman at Sacred Heart Hospital.

He rarely actually performed the duties of his job, but rather spent his time plotting how to annoy J. He was an avid liar, and nearly every story or anecdote he told people was a fabrication.

Most of these were fueled by his vendetta against J. However, after the death of Laverne, he went to the bar along with other staff members and bought a round of drinks for everyone. He also often worked with other hospital employees, such as Troy, to annoy J. His original Brain Trust was composed of maintenance staff, but over the years, the membership changed. They were both experts on "hating people" and seemed to have a mutual respect for this fact.

He rarely did his actual job, but the other cleaning staff never complained, presumably out of fear. Maddox didn't appreciate Janitor's pranks and began to question who he was.

What if he’s annoyed by my hourlong phone calls with my sister, the sweatpants I wear around the house, or the insane amount of hair I shed on every available surface?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans than ever are choosing to live together before marriage.

Janitor was portrayed by Neil Flynn and appeared in 166 episodes of Scrubs as a main character for seven seasons. Janitor's name, confirmed by series creator Bill Lawrence, is Glen Matthews. He wore sweaters, brought her flowers, and lied to her about his peculiarities.

He first appeared in "My First Day" and was last seen in a flashback in "Our First Day of School," in which he simply walked out of the hospital after learning that J. It is revealed in the Season Eight finale "My Finale". He had a father whom other hospital staff members saw; however, he later claimed that his father had died before he was born. D protested, saying he had met his father, the Janitor replied, "You met a man." Janitor claimed to have grown up believing that his mother was his sister and his father was his brother; he called them "sister-mom" and "brother-dad." . He claimed to have a deaf sister and a brother who was a stripper. was Janitor's most common victim and was picked on by him nearly every day. D.'s profession and didn't get in the way of his job, but merely made things a little more difficult. It is discovered the Janitor can speak sign language, the Janitor helps J. He tried to reveal who he was slowly so she would not freak out.

I Googled “Moving in with your boyfriend,” but the search results landed with a thud.

The advice was dry and didn’t speak to my concerns: How do I know if I’m picking a compatible person to move in with?

Janitor often did things that didn't quite line up with the normal flow of Sacred Heart. He also found Carla very scary and rarely confronted her because of her rants, although he once tried to blackmail her into giving him her baby so he could sell it, and got the entire hospital staff to hate her after she refused to grant them favors on Kelso's behalf.

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