Professional speed dating

2) Instructions: Announce to your group what speed dating is, why you’re doing it, and to respect the clock.If you like what you hear a more in depth discussion can be had after the rounds during the “smack down”.

I’ll just make sure to use a circle instead of lines next time.

The Impetus Instruction technology coaches who care about their audiences are always looking for ways to spice up the mostly boring “sit and get” sessions that have become the norm.

Share, share, share via verbal commentary, on the spot blogging, tweeting, instagraming…

Let the current of energy move the conversation out into the interwebs!

I immediately realized that the mistake I made was, as participants shifted enough to get to the end of their line (and switch to the other line) they were having to discuss the same project multiple times.

I ended the speed dating early because of my mistake.They should also have name tags of course, but the contact card named above might be a more lasting artifact.If you do a name tag try to make these can be fun as well. I think next time I’ll use the “gangsta name” machine (or the more PG one here) to produce massive quantums of street cred for my peeps (mine is ).A few weeks ago as my family and I were driving through the wondrous mountains of Colorado avoiding bears (for real…I saw a big brown one!) I was lucky enough to be sliding through twitter and came across Mr. In an effort, I think, to get his chat participants to get to know each other he had the chat center around “speed dating”. The first time I attempted the Speed Dating exercise I decided to stray from the recipe in the Joy of PL recipe book.

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