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Alongside history he has a strong interest in environmental and political issues.He enjoys travelling, slowly learning how to speak Latvian and exploring the country’s distinct culture. He has worked as a writer on the subject, as well as being a musician himself.Archaeologists have long debated the nature of the society that created such spectacular buildings.

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“Adobe” is a signature of Santa Fe New Mexico’s architecture and is beautifully preserved in many a historic building such as the De Vargas Street House (aka Oldest House in the USA).

Built in 1200 CE, the original adobe home sits on the partial foundation of an ancient Indian Pueblo.

The other thirteen burials in the building had taken place over the course of the following 300 years.

This led the team to wander if the fourteen people had all been related.

Made of earth, traditional adobe bricks have a high clay content and straw mixture.

If produced manually the earth mix is cast in open moulds onto the ground and left to be sun-dried, not kiln-fired.

Adobe brick building is an ancient technique common in the Americas and the Middle East.

The oldest structural ruins made of earth date back to 8300 BC with some adobe buildings aged 800 years still in use today!

Modern historic preservation efforts within Santa Fe’s historic district are to be commended for their preservation.

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