Radiocarbon dating pedogenic carbonates

Facing southward and shielded from prevailing wind, this site is also situated near the water source of the Verdouble, a necessity for both man and animal. In the upstream of Gouleyrous Gorge (Paziols plain) according to the geologic map of Rivesalte (Berger et al., 1997).

upstream and downstream of the Gouleyrous Gorge, which crosses the Devèze upland. L: Lias, J: Jurassic, C: Cretaceous, Ci: Lower Cretaceous; g2-3: Oligocene conglomerates.

The deposits of the plain of Paziols and those of the Vingrau-Tautavel Depression will be described in succession (fig. Only the Pleistocene fluviatile deposits are exactly reproduced; the pebble accumulation (inner delta fan) in the upstream of Gouleyrous Gorge was added by the authors.

Therefore, various examples of the Th dating of carbonate cements were provided through conglomerates of the proglacial valley fills of Austria (Ostermann et al., 2006), the alluvium terraces in New York State (Seleck and Baran, 2003), pedogenic layers (Rubin and Sieh, 1997; Vincent et al., 2007), calcretes in the soils (Geyh and Eitel, 1998; Srivastava, 2001), tufaceous carbonates (Haynes et al The Verdouble River is the main tributary of the Agly River, which it joins on his left bank downstream to Estagel (fig. It flows through a subalpine valley located in the Corbières hilly area.

The bedrock is Silurian and Devonian in the north of the catchment, Jurassic for uplands bounding the catchment in the south and finally Jurassic and Cretaceous for the downstream course of the Verdouble and the Vingrau-Tautavel plain.

J: Jurassic, Ci: Lower Cretaceous; g: Oligocene conglomerates.

Only the Pleiostocene fluviatile deposits are exactly reproduced.

The precipitation of calcium carbonate cement from soil water and shallow ground water provides a potential record of environmental conditions.

For absolute age dating of inorganic carbon, thin sections of the crystal fabrics and textures preserved provided the preliminary documentation.

Les pertes de la rivière sont indiquées par les flèches.

B : À l’aval des Gorges des Gouleyrous (dépression de Vingrau-Tautavel) d’après la carte géologique de Rivesaltes (Berger et al Pleistocene pebbly alluvium is locally hardened with calcite-rich cements.

Due to the complex tectonics of the Corbières, strongly influenced by the Pyrenean orogeny, the Jurassic-Cretaceous limestones do not comprise a continuous aquifer.

The depth of karstification, several hundred metres below sea level, especially in the Opoul area and in Lower Agly, is mainly linked to: (i) the Messinian salinity crisis, when the base level fell of 1500 m, and (ii) to the infiltration of meteoric waters with a strong dissolution power controlled by weather conditions (Dörfliger et al, 2008b).

The research work reported upon this paper was partly funded by the French Minister of High Teaching in the framework of the Pluri-Formation Project (PPF) “The Tautavel Man on his territories: since the very former ages up to the present time developments”. Bridgland and two anonymous reviewers have improved the manuscript and are gratefully appreciated.

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