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At first glance, the site seems okay and it is legitimate.

However, if you haven’t visited the website out of your own volition, like many users have reported, then you might have a related malware installed on your machine without your permission or knowledge.

In 2016, it was reported that nearly 100 million users of the official Rambler media were with breached accounts and the site kept the user passwords in plaintext inside their database.

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Other, more advanced tracking technologies could have been used, too.

Be wary of the information you provide on such search pages, especially on ones, associated with

Follow the browser hijacker removal instructions given at the bottom of the article.

is a Russian search engine and one of the biggest Russian web portals, owned by the Rambler Media Group.

While browsing, you can find yourself on unfamiliar pages with lots of pop-ups and sponsored content that go through this hijacker.

The hijacker will change the start page, new tab, and search settings for the browsers you have on your PC. One of those techniques is via third-party installations.

That is posting different browser extensions on the Chrome Web Store: could be distributed via other methods, like add-ons or browser extensions which install on your browser.

Other distribution ways use advertisements, such as banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, and redirect links.

You will get redirected when you are using its services, from links, ads and pages that may load from the search results.

The main domain page can be viewed from the screenshot given below: The browser hijacker will redirect you if you use its services and interact with links, ads and other content from its search pages.

And if you are reading these lines, you probably already have something malicious installed that is pushing redirects, ads, spam messages or things of the sort, using the domain.

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