Robert pattinson and sarah gadon dating

Namely, Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, with whom Gadon forged a bond dating back to her days studying film theory and criticism at the University of Toronto.“I decided to do my degree part-time and really start acting full-time, which was great because that was when I met David Cronenberg, who is a huge influence on my career and starting it,” she says.There’s a real spark between them, and they’ve already been spending time together when filming ends for the day. , Gadon enjoys teasing her leading man and making jokes at his expense.

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“At the time, I hadn’t really done a lot of American projects and it was something that I’d said to myself I really wanted to focus on,” she laughs.

“And as soon as I made that decision within myself it was like, ‘Here’s a project based on a Stephen King novel, produced by J. Abrams, starring James Franco.’ It was like the most American job that could possibly come my way.” Upon further reflection, Gadon’s thoughts fall fondly on the people she has met along her path.

Their first encounter took place at the official 2007 Toronto International Film Festival press conference, where Gadon and Cronenberg were among the guest talent in attendance—Gadon for her role in the short student film “Burgeon and Fade,” and Cronenberg for his Russian gangster film “I just remember thinking, ‘I wish that one day I will be so lucky as to work with that kind of talent,’” recalls Gadon.

Gadon went on to become somewhat of a muse for Cronenberg, working alongside the filmmaker on three features to date, including 2012’s which cast the actress as the dutiful aristocratic wife of a young doctor (Michael Fassbender) who remains staunchly supportive of her husband’s work involving the implementation of Freud’s revolutionary treatment methods on his beautiful and unhinged patient (Keira Knightley).

How else can he shake the Edward stigma and prevent the best role of his life from becoming the worst role of his life?

Will he ever be accepted outside of Twihards, and garner respect like Ryan Gosling?“It was exhausting.” As the dust settles on Gadon reflects upon the path that has led her to where she is now, one that began with the precision and structure of ballet.“I am really happy that I came to acting through dance because of its discipline,” she says.Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon are getting it crackin’!We all wanted Kristen Stewart and Robert’s Twilight romance to spill over into the real world, but that epic love didn’t last long.Over the course of her two decades in front of the camera for the big screen and small, the Toronto-based actor has clocked some serious mileage.

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