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The design registration number for Gainsborough is 749657 which dates to the autumn of 1929 and this correlates well with when publicity starts to appear for the shape in the Pottery Gazette.

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That's a project for collectors of the Carnival pattern!

The first new backstamp style comes with the arrival of the Gainsborough shape for tableware.

So my objective here is to look mainly at the backstamps of the 1930's until before World War 2, but some, (relating to specific shapes) , may represent manufacturing times until the company ceased trading in 1974.

I need to emphasise that this is all a work in progress.

Before I start with more backstamps, I think it is important to say something about the registration numbers that are often on the base of Crown Ducal items as they are usually an integral part of the backstamp design.

These numbers show that the owner of the original design had it registered with the, Board of Trade to try and prevent the copying of successful styles by competitors.

The version illustrated in the documents is the matt black ground version with blue interior, but the same numbers can appear on the orange lustre versions.

I am assuming that the registration is for the lantern pattern, not the shapes so it seems rather strange why several numbers were needed.

That is why the date range in the title is ambiguous.

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