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Although online chat rooms are a nice and easy way to talk, it is important to remember that not all online chat rooms are safe.That is why many parents often opt for message boards instead, but is it really a safer option?

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For starters, there are chat rooms out there that are designed for children and teenagers.

By visiting these chat rooms, your child should be paired with their peers.

In fact, if your child makes a post about their new pet, someone may ask about their pet or congratulate them when they aren’t even online themselves. Another reason why some parents prefer letting their children use online message boards, as opposed to online chat rooms, is because most message boards are monitored by a trusted adult, who is sometimes paid for their work.

This means that all offensive posts should be removed in a relatively short period of time.

Are you the parent of a child who has recently decided that they want to use internet chat rooms?

Or, are you a parent who has just learned that your child has been using internet chat rooms?As highlighted above, internet chat rooms and online message boards can be safe for your child to use, as long as they know the dangers.Also, be sure to checkup on your child from time to time.There are also television networks, like Nick and The N, which are designed for both teens and tweens, that have online message boards.They can allow your child to chat with others who like the same shows.It, however, is also important to remember that there are dangers to doing so as well.

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