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Just enough for my name to make the Houston Chronicle's score column on the sports page the next day.

Little did I know that in the providential working of the omniscient God my real father would read the Houston Chronicle the next day and see my name in the scoring column and ask himself "Could this be my son I have not seen nor spoken with for almost 20 years? Twenty years, not even a whisper, not even knowing if he was still alive, and then the first time I hear his voice to hear the words "This is your father"!

" As "fate" (God's providence) would have it, I got a phone call the next day at the athletic dorm and in response to my "Hello", the voice on the other end of the line said "This is your father"! As they say, "I'll make a long story short" - I went to meet my true father and even to stay with him in Houston that next summer (to help me save money while I worked a summer job).

) and Indiana (America's basketball capital at the time) and so there were times when I would not even log a minute of playing time, much less score a point.

One game () we were playing the Houston Cougars and I just happened (see Ru 2:3-note on God's providence) to log some playing time and scored a bucket or two.

Thereafter my stepfather never called me by my given name, "Bruce".

It was always "That boy" (or at least that's what sticks in my memory some 50 years later -- thus my encouragement to we who are dads [and husbands] to continually beg God to set a guard over our mouths and to let no "rotten" pronouncement be spoken over our children… Jas 3:8, 9, 10, Ps 141:3-note, Ep -note) During this time we attended a Lutheran church and I matriculated through their catechism program and was baptized for a second time with sprinkling of water, but not yet by the Spirit of Christ by grace through faith (Ep 2:8 9-note, Ro 6:3-note, 1Co ).

To this day I cannot explain how we were able to avoid what would surely have been a head on, fatal impact with that big "semi" (cp Ps 34:7-note). This simple truth/aphorism has become one of God's most frequent reminders of my weakness and His all sufficient grace now that I am in Christ and even before I was safe in Christ! He is infinitely, eternally, omnipotently sovereign and in His perfect omniscience He knew before the foundation of the world (Ep 1:4-note, cp 2Ti 1:9NLT-note) the plan of salvation He had laid out for both my mother and myself (cp Ep -note).

On another occasion I was literally drowning under the weight of water pouring through a small opening in a dam on the Guadalupe River in central Texas, the weight of the onrushing water being so heavy that it prevented me from standing until someone saw my hand project out of the water and pulled me aside (cp Ps 69:1NLT-note, Ps 69:2NLT-note), in effect me from almost certain drowning (Ps -note).

But Wilson was not the same man who had deserted my mom in 1946, but a changed person.

He had gone to AA and from there had met a devout Baptist lady named Louise who was fervently in love with Jesus Christ (cp Acts , Php -note), and it was her Jesus Who opened my father's heart (Lk , Jn , 65) and brought him new life in Christ (1Jn , 12, Col 3:4-note).

I have little doubt that my born again father and his sweet devout wife's twenty years of faithful, persistent prayers for my salvation played some part in the events that transpired 20 years later (see below).

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