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And Rachel Lilley, 33, and Nigel Evans, 35, said they talked on the internet for a year before marrying in 2005.

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New research shows that more and more couples are meeting online and marrying.

In the US, a University of Chicago study shows that more than a third of those who married between 20 met online, up from 19 per cent just five years ago.

Andrew G Marshall, a leading marital therapist, said that "30s and 40s are the key internet daters who end up in my office. People will say 'Oh, we clicked because we both liked cage fighting,' and that's fine, but to make a successful relationship you need more than common interests." But whether a successful relationship came via self-started online encounters or dating sites, many happily hitched people told us that it was vital that they had a lengthy "getting to know you" period of emails and phone calls before they met face to face.

Arthur Ritson, 43, from Bath, and Ann Ramsay, 34, from Edinburgh, who married in 2001, met online and emailed each other for three months before meeting.

Christine Northam, a counsellor working for Relate, said: "On these websites you have to give details, and I wonder whether the matching might eliminate some potential future problems before you even get going with the person, whereas when you meet naturally a powerful initial attraction might mask problems in the future." But Mr Marshall warns of the pitfalls: "I think the problem with meeting someone online is that you don't have any context for them.

If you meet someone through work, you can ask around and find out that he's already married, or find out if he's a ladies' man. Sometimes a context makes it easier to relax and trust them." But there is another powerful pull towards online dating.

Or the woman who wrote to The Sun's agony aunt in 2002: "I started talking to a man of 37 who I met online. I visited him three months ago and we knew immediately it was love.

We agreed he would divorce and I would move to the US.

(And, incidentally, those meeting offline at school, church, or social occasions had higher levels of satisfaction than those who met their partner through work, family, bar, club or blind date.) Relate's Christine Northam said: "People I've met who meet online tend to be a bit older and a lot of divorced or separated people tend to go online.

When you're young or in a football team or something it happens more rapidly, so you don't need to look online.

You are more able to have a mature, long-lasting relationship the better you know yourself." Andrew G Marshall, as a marital therapist, agrees.

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