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I’m not shocked by the transgender inmate’s new, more feminine appearance; I’ve already seen photos of her smiling and posing with a male visitor on Facebook and hardly recognized her.

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“Oh my God, I’m sorry, this world has gone to hell in a handbasket. “Failure to provide individualized and appropriate medical care for inmates suffering from gender dysphoria violates the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment,” the department wrote in February on behalf of a transgender female inmate who sued Georgia’s prison system.

I can’t believe that,” Gayle O’Neill says when I recount my visit with Skylar. “Gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition for which treatment is necessary and effective.” The primary battle has revolved around the question of whether such surgery—typically to remove the penis and testicles and build a vagina—is “medically necessary” to relieve inmates’ emotional and physical pain, or if hormone therapy and counseling alone are “adequate.” These prison lawsuits have been unfolding against the backdrop of an escalating gender-identity discussion that has grabbed our attention for much of this year, thanks to Olympic athlete Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner.

Her short masculine haircut also has grown long enough for her to wear a side ponytail that hangs below her small breasts.

We say a quick hello, and before we get started, I buy her a quesadilla and two avocados out of the vending machines, which gives me a few minutes to settle into this surreal scene.

But she never seemed upset by my questions and seemed to enjoy talking about her attempt to cut off her penis in jail, recounting how she didn’t get as far as she wanted because she only had time to cut around the base.

As we chatted, she giggled and sang “That’s Amore” to me.

“She ran full force into a metal door and knocked herself out, every other week, just to get attention and to get up on the fourth floor, the medical crisis-bed unit, to get people to talk to her and to talk to them,” a correctional officer tells me, asking to remain anonymous for fear of losing the prison job.

But these days, Skylar seems to be doing better than she has for some time. Last time we talked she seemed real happy,” says William Harder, the friend of Skylar’s and murderabilia dealer who posted Facebook photos of himself with Skylar after one of their regular visits.

I’d hoped to talk to Skylar about her hopes for getting the surgery now that the courts had opened this legal door.

I wanted to hear about her life on death row and in the psych unit that opened in October.

We also talked about her attempt to slice off her penis with a disposable razor, which landed her in a community hospital.

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