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“I come from a family of barbers,” she says on the phone from Chicago.

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Her debut on the first episode of , airing at 9 p.m. Though aspiring rapper Freda is a character Bre-Z plays, hip-hop is an important part of Bre-Z’s life.

Growing up among Philly, Wilmington and King of Prussia, Bre-Z — whose real name is Calesha Murray — says she was always “that kid that did what you had to do.” When the then 15-year-old Bre-Z was living in King of Prussia, she linked with Philly emcee Freeway, a friend of her mom’s.

Freda’s attitude and androgyny made her the perfect character for Bre-Z to play.

It also gave Bre-Z, who is gay, the chance to portray a character that is often not seen in the media.

We’ve been, we’re going water skiing, handicapped water skiing this weekend.

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“I honestly knew when I read the script and read the description of the character,” she says of her instant connection with Freda. You don’t gotta tell me about me, because I’m gonna tell you about myself.” And in true Freda (or Bre-Z) fashion, she came out swinging when the musical portion of the audition popped off. I’m 100 percent confident in what I do and I don’t care what anyone thinks otherwise,” she says.

“I’m not a person who gets in the room and walks around with my head down because I’m in a room full of billionaires and I only have in my pocket.

So, we talked about the options with several different medical personnel along the way.

Probably when he got to Ohio was when we first started experimenting, so five months probably after the accident, with different, both with the Viagra and Cialis, options.

Freda is a brash, butch battle rapper from Brooklyn’s dangerous Brownsville neighborhood, the daughter of the rose-delivering OG Frank Gatz, played by Chris Rock.

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