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Meeting Mister Jones 5Kb Years after Clark's death, Lois meets another hero.

Mendacity 33Kb More than two years after losing Clark to gangsters' bullets, famous writer Lois Lane suspects her late partner isn't so 'late' at all.

Taking Down a God -- The Rest of the Story 84Kb Lois is the one tapped to help take down a killer -- Superman. Time Doesn't Heal 16Kb A year after Lois's death, Clark can't take it anymore.

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Coming Home 9Kb Clark is back from New Krypton, but he's changed.

Corn Festival 4Kb A 20 minute challenge with Martha Kent. Crossing Time 1,565 words (9Kb) Lois, Clark, and their baby are missing... Klein said they were incompatible -- so why is Clark having food cravings and mood swings?

The Bakery Redux 9Kb Lois has another strange encounter in a mysterious coffee shop.

Between Time and Space 6Kb After 42 years, Lois and Clark are finally reunited.

Ubermann 19Kb Perry White has a close encounter he'd rather not recall.

Until the End of Time 10Kb An aging Superman gets news he was afraid he would never hear: You're dying. 31Kb Only days after Superman's first appearance, Frasier Crane of KACL radio is attending a conference in Metropolis.

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TOGOM Drabble 1Kb A TOGOM ("That Old Gang of Mine") plot untwist in 50 words.

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