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It was a moment I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

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In a very emotional conversation, she shared the devastating news that […] Dating and forming romantic relationships during the age of ambiguity can be incredibly confusing, especially if your romantic partner seems uninterested in a committed relationship.

As a research team we have had frequent discussions about the missed opportunities (see here and here), and emotional toll […] Welcome to Decide To Commit! Scott Sibley and I am an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University in Human Development and Family Sciences, and also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Of course, it is quite possible that these men could be excellent husbands and boyfriends, and simply were looking for one last Valentine’s gift.

For the past six years I have seen individuals, couples, and families as a marriage and family therapist.

How do they communicate love in their relationships?

Is this the same way they would have acted when their relationship was first starting out?

I built this website with the help of my research team to provide a creative outlet to highlight our research, and to offer relationship education for those interested in romantic relationships.

As a researcher I am specifically interested in commitment in couple relationships, romantic relationship formation, marriage, and decision-making in the emerging adult (18-29 year-old) population. Ambiguity Betrayal Book Review Breakup Cohabitation Commitment Communication Couple Relationship Creeping Cyclical Relationships Dating Deception Decision-Making DTR Eating Together as a Family Family Dinner Family Mealtime Family Science Ghosting Happiness Honesty Hookup Infidelity Just Talking Long-Distance Relationships Love Lying Marriage On-again/Off-again Oxytocin Parental Divorce Parenting Presentation Regret Rejection Research Team Resilient Commitment Snapchat Social Media Social Media Surveillance Teaching Technology Tinder Travel Trust On Valentine’s Day a few years ago, I was asked by my wife to go pick up a couple of extra items at our local supermarket for our family Valentine’s dinner.

At times, I have had the opportunity to work with couples who are on the brink of divorce.

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