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There have also been suggestions of new laws to make the practice illegal.Ancient, magical spells of love, subjugation and sex: It may sound like a "Game of Thrones" episode, but these evildoings are also found on two recently deciphered papyri from Egypt dating to around 1,700 years ago.

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"Really I was afraid so I called the guy I married and told him he needed to come over and ask for my hand officially," she recalls.

"Straight away he found a lot of excuses why he could not come and we had an argument.

One spell invokes the gods to "burn the heart" of a woman until she loves the spell caster, said Franco Maltomini of the University of Udine in Italy, who translated the two spells.

Another spell, targeted at a male, uses a series of magical words to "subject" him, forcing him to do whatever the caster wants.

Archaeologists Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt discovered the spells in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, more than 100 years ago, among a haul of hundreds of thousands of papyri.

Over the past century, scientists have gradually studied and translated the papyri.A DNA test has to be done." "She has a lot of hassles and difficulties," she says."It will also affect her reputation because as a woman in Middle Eastern culture she cannot marry another man." 'Excuses'It is difficult to get young women who have had bad experiences of urfi marriages to speak about them but one told us her story through a lawyer."Maybe they have a baby, then [the woman] will become responsible for the child.There are some husbands who deny their marriages so the woman is forced to launch a lawsuit to prove paternity.She explained she had never had a boyfriend before she went to university but met a fellow student on campus and fell in love.

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