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Yellow claims it’s for ‘making friends’, we’re not sure that’s entirely accurate.

Even in the mid-1960s Harvard wasn't much better, it seems.

Dole wrote in his essay, "Homosexuality and Madness at Harvard," that in his second semester,"I became totally insane.

So it makes sense that the Sapio app asks for answers to questions that showcase your wit and brains – and no pictures.

It beats spending the day perving over .You’ll need to rope in some single friends for Klique.

Claiming to bring together like-minded singles regardless of age, interests and life goals, Be Naughty might not be the place to find The One, but it can help you stop crying over your ex.uk Gamify the dating experience with Date Play.

The app that narrowly missed out Lord Sugar’s investment in 2015’s works by having you go through a series of games and quizzes which analyse your personality before matching you up with potential dates.

Stories emerge from every closet on campus, from frustrated athletes to quietly gay final club members to "out" campus men who vent of alienation from Harvard's gay community. (Less successful solicitations sound like this: "YOU ME LAMONT TOILETS= SCANDAL."(Nov. Take this recent rant: "is it just me or is there no place for a guy to take a shit here since they closed the 5th floor bathroom? I imagine this isn't the first time Lamont has needed to have spring-cleaning in the fall.

In this melee of anxiety, the sex mentioned earlier is also very much prevalent, and sounds a little like this: "nice discreet guy could help you out." (Nov. The library has been associated with anonymous gay sex since at least the mid-sixties. Eric Garber '65), in his autobiographic essay, "My Harvard," remembers the Lamont johns as a place replete with "advertisements for nude wrestling scrawled on the doors in Magic Marker." Once, "when a hand reached under the partition between the toilet stalls and stroked [his] left leg; [he] stood up, horrified, pulled [his] pants on and left." Holleran later came out, and described the early years as consumed by "such force of "denial." Despite the pervasive bohemian politics of the time, his time at Harvard, he concluded, was one of segregation and unfulfilled longing.

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The fifth floor men's room in Lamont Library has been closed for repairs since last week, and the circumstances are all quite shady. No, something quite odd is afoot at Harvard's undergraduate library.

Made with group love in mind (not that kind), this app works by matching you and three of your Facebook pals with other ‘kliques’ of four in the area.

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