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He says that most often the spouse is exposed in response to the prayers of a confused partner or family member.

At Focus on the Family we regularly hear from women who fall into lesbianism when emotionally unhealthy relationships with other women become sexualized.

This is the message of the Gospel: Although we are made in the image of God, our lives are desperately marred by sin; Jesus came to earth to teach and model what life without sin looks like; He also came to die and pay the cost of our sin, bringing forgiveness and grace; and His resurrection, ascent and gift of the Holy Spirit bring healing and empowerment.

Homosexual behavior is just one of many sins God forgives and brings people out of.

She says he also took up running and started to pay an inordinate amount of attention to his physical appearance.

But for Pam, Paula and others there could have been red flags all along.

Her worst fears were confirmed when Steven was spotted in a gay bar. Perhaps you have an uneasy, sick feeling that something is wrong with your marriage.

Perhaps communication has broken down between the two of you and you suspect infidelity.

And perhaps you have discovered questionable e-mail, or sexually explicit ads pop up when you're surfing the Internet.

Pam Burnett realized something was amiss when her husband began spending more and more time away from home, distancing himself from her and the kids.

My emotions were left out of the equation so many times because I had to believe either my feelings were lying to me or God was.

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