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After this happens, the sperm and egg become a zygote.Rapid cell multiplication leads to the formation of an embryo.

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Fetal Development: Within the uterus, the placenta and embryo begin to grow.

Over the next few months, the brain, spinal cord and organs start to develop.

The entire fertilization process takes about 24 hours.

Cell Division: Now that the egg is a zygote, it has to start dividing to make an embryo.

Although a single sperm can in theory fertilize a sperm, a higher sperm count increases the chances.

The average, healthy man has an average of 40 million to 150 million sperm.

The Sperm Reaches the Egg: Once a sperm reaches the egg, it penetrates the egg and forms a zygote.

After this happens, no other sperm can enter the egg and the baby’s gender is determined by the blend of chromosomes present.

It will remain in this area until a sperm fertilizes it.

If sperm does not fertilize the egg, the female’s body will flush out the egg and any tissue when her menstrual cycle begins.

The Journey of the Sperm: Meanwhile, millions of sperm are released when the male ejaculates into the woman.

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