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“Yours are just beautiful, child,” Veronica whispered to the cute young woman, “I’ll bet your nipples are very sensitive, aren’t they!?!” With a small smile breaking across her face, Joanne replied, “My nipples are extremely sensitive, I can even have an orgasm just from getting them sucked on!Veronica glanced at the clock on the wall and decided to put in another hour of paperwork before leaving for her meeting!

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Once in the soothing hot water of the spa, Joanne took a wash cloth and slowly bathed every square inch of Roni’s lush full body, paying particular attention to the older woman’s breasts and vagina!

“My, your breasts are simply huge,” Joanne said while cupping and softly twisting her hard nipples, “what size bra do you wear!?!

” “Oh, god, I love it,” Veronica whispered hoarsely, while nosing the young woman’s slit, “may I suck on it for you, it looks very needy!?!

” “Oh, please,” Joanne moaned, “suck me, please suck me off!

” “Oh no, dear,” Veronica replied, “thanks anyway, but I have my women’s meeting tonight, I think that I can wait that long!

” Jenny gave Roni a knowing smile, and with a wave of her hand, she was out of the office in a flash!

Veronica rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to ease some pain of the wide bra straps that were cutting into her skin, but no matter how hard she tried, the pain was always persistent and pervasive, especially at the end of a long hard day!

Most woman would have given their eye teeth to have a chest like Veronica’s, but even though most men and women would consider it the ultimate in femininity, Roni had a far different perspective on the matter!

” “Really,” Roni replied hoarsely, “may I touch them!?!

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