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In the beginning, the people who were in #teen were mostly smart individuals who knew how to use Unix to get online.

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During the periods of network instability, it was possible to assert control over IRC channels through netsplits. Joining a channel on a server where that channel did not exist, and then colliding with the existing channels when that server rejoined the network ended up in obtaining channel operator privileges.

That gave rise to malicious scripts, various denial of service attacks, and other attacks.

It became possible to register permanent channels, much like domain names are today.

The X and W bots would enforce operator permissions and neutralize netsplit attacks.

This let us continue our discussions among ourselves and the users thought we were not even there.

:)At some point, X and W channel services bots came into being.

In the early days, there were no bots known as "Channel Services", such as the X and W bots on Undernet, the Nick Serv on Dalnet, and similar.

It was up to the channel operators to enforce the rules and operate our own bots.

This is important because it opened the floodgates to our little corner of the world to more mainstream teens.

As we added some newcomers as channel operators, political struggles began to appear. We, the original founders, failed to curtail political stuggles.

It's one of several contact channels used by the Open Street Map community.

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