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This approach allows students and individuals to learn from their mistakes and make amends for wrongdoing.

The “restorative practices” model includes addressing and discussing the needs of the school community, resolving conflict, holding individuals and groups accountable, repairing and restoring relationships, and reducing and preventing harmful behavior. Data on Suspensions Overuse of out-of-school suspension is one of the key drivers of school pushout of minority students.

· Demonstrates kindness and compassion to others in meaningful ways · Has a strong commitment to activism and social justice · Is currently enrolled in a degree program at a post-secondary educational institution Scholarship Application Materials: · 1 personal essay (1 page) describing how the applicant meets the above criteria · 2 letters from a teacher, mentor, or fellow activist describing personal qualities of love, compassion, humor, and commitment to education, activism and social justice Scholarship Application Deadline: January 11 each year.

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The release of this guidance package is a major step forward in dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

It is the federal government’s strongest acknowledgement yet of the pervasiveness and impact of the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Check out School Discipline Data from The Center for Civil Rights Remedies (CCRR).

This useful tool quickly sorts through data on more than 26,000 U. schools and approximately 7,000 districts to present the reader with clear yet detailed graphs based on the analysis published in two recent CCRR reports — A joint initiative of the federal Departments of Justice and Education released a long-awaited guidance package on school discipline.

To learn more about school to prison pipeline efforts in Georgia, check out these local organizations: Gwinnett STo PP, Atlanta Community Engagement Team, Interfaith Children’s Movement, ACLU of Georgia Scholarship Description: Jenna Thomas is an amazing human being whom you cannot even begin to talk about in past tense!

Oh, and by the way, Jenna was a fierce young transgender woman who liberated herself and others along her journey. Scholarship Amount: 00.00 Scholarship Criteria: This scholarship will be awarded to a very special youth who: · Believes in the power of love, friendship and leadership to transform the world into a better place · Has an excellent sense of humor!

He is very respectful to all his teachers which he is known for, but there is just one thing different about him. He felt safe when he told his Mom, and because she accepted him, he didn’t care what others had to say to him . He is pushed and knocked over by one of the guys in the group.

Javon, blacks out and when he comes to, he is being pulled off the boy who pushed him.

According to a joint statement the guidance will “will assist states, districts and schools in developing practices and strategies to enhance school climate, and ensure those policies and practices comply with federal law.” Click here to download the guidance package.

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