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30.“On behalf of the Iranians living in my riding of Richmond Hill and on behalf of my own family, I urge the Iranian government to refrain from any harsh actions against those citizens in numerous cities across Iran who have in the past few days been protesting peacefully against the violations of their basic human rights, as well as against corruption and the mismanagement of affairs of their country.“It is the right of the people of Iran to ask for democracy, freedom of expression, rule of law and the right to choose their leaders directly through free and democratic elections.

Arsham Parsi is a 35-year-old gay Iranian-Canadian man who works at a legal clinic in Toronto.

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However, he is also hopeful for the future and feels compelled to share a message of inclusivity through the work that he does. He attended elementary and secondary school in the GTA, and completed an undergraduate degree at Ryerson University.

He currently works as a human resources specialist, but also works with Parsi as the treasurer of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees.

Parsi also did not receive financial support from his parents during this time.

Six months into his stay in Kayseri, Parsi was attacked by a group of Turkish men in their 20s.

The two women were laughing and speaking joyfully when they approached his booth.

Upon explaining the difficulties that Iranian queers go through as refugees, the couple began to cry.

The contact list was then shared amongst members so that they could connect to each other.

To be outed as queer in Iran in 2001 would typically result in receiving 100 lashes.

One of his most memorable experiences with the organization was speaking about the experience of the gay community in Iran at Toronto Pride last year.

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