Slackware package updating are evelyn and brooke labarbera dating

There is documentation on installation, changes and hints, LVM setup, encryption setup, RAID setup, creating an initrd to use the generic kernel, and others.

This is the consolidated documentation set you were looking for.

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I didn't find that at all - you're just given everything on a giant 4.2 GB DVD . I don't like that Slack doesn't have a consistent method of installing programs - a select few have Slack Builds, some you install from source code.

There's no concept of an official online repository, it's spread among official sources and third party sources. Is there a better way to go about getting and learning Slackware?

Slack Builds is not an officially endorsed Slackware site, though many people use it.

By the way, if you haven't already, give sbopkg a shot if you wish.

Sbopkg is a fantastic tool that takes some of the intimidation out of the manual slackbuild process and was developed by Chess Griffin (of Linux Reality Podcast fame).

For pre-compiled packages the two most popular spots are Alien Bob's repo and Robby Workman's repo.Alien Bob (Eric Hameleers) and Robby Workman are part of the Slackware development team and are extremely respected members of the Slackware community.There are other random package sites for Slackware but none of them are highly thought of as those mentioned above.My little project to learn more about Linux has led me to install as many distros as I can think of in Virtual Box, starting with a command-line only install then adding Xorg, Openbox, fbpanel, etc to get a minimal desktop environment consuming a minimum of memory (I also want to discover what distro is the most "efficient").Incidentally, I started discovering that once you get to the CLI, most Linux distros are the same.I also find the documentation on Slack confusing - there's nothing official, it's spread out all over the place in an inconsistent fashion. Slackware has a very consistent method to install packages from the official repos using either pkgtool or slackpkg.

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