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Bruce Gernon, an Islamorada real estate agent diving on vacation, recounts a terrible encounter with a large, male loggerhead sea turtle.

“The damn thing really overpowered me,” Gernon told local news columnist Bob Epstein.

The reptilian attacker pinned him to the sea floor, scaring him half to death.

Gernon goes on to describe the attack in detail: I shoved a lobster at the turtle who inhaled the crustracean, and then I spun out of its grasp.

It’s likely that the frequency of such incidents is even higher, as the social stigma of being the victim of such events is so strong that many attacks likely go unreported. Evolutionarily speaking, there’s no real point in it.

Upon publishing his article, Epstein received at least 10 calls from other victims who had not spoken up previously. Sexing up a member of another species isn’t going to produce offspring.

He slowly approached Bowen, staying about six feet off to the side as he passed by.

But once behind the confused diver, the turtle suddenly turned around and aimed himself at Bowen’s backside.

More frighteningly, as mating attempts often involve pinning to the sea floor, these large beasts have the potential to drown an unsuspecting victim.

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