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( Verify that your Fuze updated navigating to - SETTINGSVERSION And your screen should look like this: ( As you can see from the screenshot, my Fuze is running Firmware Ver.A (and yes, it plays OGG and FLAC just fine) Step 2: Syncing Your Fuze In order to get your Fuze or any otherwise unrecognized device to be recognized by your Music Player, you have to add a hidden file called .is_audio_player to the root of the device. - Doesn't work either ( The main reason I wanted a Fuze was specifically for its free format support (ogg, FLAC), which SUPPOSEDLY worked out of the box.

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Simply adding this file will enable "basic" functionality with various music players, ie; your device will show up on your Music Player you'll be able to add music (.mp3 only) to it. In order to enable the other audio formats you player can handle you will need to add a few instructions to .is_audio_player.

( I have tested this with several music players and I've had mixed results. Rhythmbox - works just as well as Banshee, but doesn't have video support, no support for ID3 tagged art tho. Here is a sample .is_audio_player file and some explainations of a few instructions you can add to your .is_audio_player file name=Sansa\ Fuze audio_folders=MUSIC/, VIDEO/ folder_depth=2 output_formats=audio/ogg,audio/flac,audio/x-ms-wma,audio/mpeg,audio/aac,audio/x-wav name=Sansa\ Fuze This is the name that will show up in your music player, NOT the device label or AYTHING that your system sees.

As I mentioned before, this tutorial mainly pertains to the Fuze V2.

If you have a Fuze V1 I would highly recommend that you check out Rockbox. 1) Set your Sansa Fuze to MTP (media transfer protocol) mode by navigating to: SETTINGSMTP 2) Boot into your Windows partition 3) Download the Sansa Firmware Updater ( Updater Install.exe) and install it.

You may want to try out some other variables to make more files transfer, for example, try adding audio/avi to the list to enable video sync with Banshee (the only music player I know of that supports this) There are a few extra arguments that you can add, but most of them don't do much. Step 3: Video for Fuze I quickly figured out that while the Fuze has a wide range of audio formats it can handle, there is only ONE type of video it can play.

It plays AVI files that are encoded with the DIVX5 video codec and standard MP3 audio at 128kbps 16bit stereo 44.1khz.

Like I said, this works for more devices than just the Fuze, so the absolute location of where to put the files may vary.

In my experience though, music players will always default to the same folder (typically "MUSIC/"), but the Fuze seems to be able to read video files as videos even if they're placed in the Music folder and vice versa.

This tutorial pertains mainly to the Sansa Fuze V2 released late in 2009, but most of the information here can be applied to other mp3 players as well as other devices that can play music or videos but do not show up by default in your music player, such as Cellphones, PDAs, or even your PSP.

This will help you enjoy the same kind of functionality with your Sansa Fuze (which --IS-- officially supported on linux) that owners of i Pods have enjoyed for a while now on Linux.

I got sick of syncing my i Pod and having it work fine, but the next time I added music to my i Pod one of two things would INVARIABLY happen: A) all of my album artwork would disappear, or all of my music would disappear and the i Pod would just say "0 songs".

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