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Bus services in the United Kingdom in the 1930s were undergoing a period of consolidation with smaller operators buying out bigger companies.

Trams were being replaced by motor buses, electric trolleybuses were popular and the vehicles themselves were supplied by a host of chassis and coachbuilders.

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The first steam-driven engine in Somerset was a water pump installed in the 1740s, but the Great Western Railway brought more profound change a century later.

With reminiscences of life on the railways, this book provides a round-up of steam in the county with stories including the Radstock accident of 1876 and the filming of the Beatles’ A Hard Day's Night in 1964.

The railways in Dorset evolved around four main routes, two running east–west and two running north–south.

Including some images dating to the early 20th century, this collection of archive photographs explores the county's lines during the steam era, including the small branch lines and other interesting aspects of the region's railways, such as the Weymouth Quay Tramway where trains ran on public roads through the town.

If the railway created the Victorian seaside resorts by bringing visitors from the cities, the paddle steamer entertained them when they got there, providing pleasure trips for tourists as well as comfortable and affordable travel on coastal routes.

With many photographs, posters and other illustrative material, this history of paddle-propelled steamers in British waters explores their development and impact during the 19th and early 20th centuries as well as their role in the wars and later decline.

There are outdoor concerts and music festivals held throughout the year or if you fancy a bit of retail therapy you can enjoy the many delightful shops.

For a better view of this captivating city why not climb aboard an open top bus which will showcase everything lovely Chester has to offer.

See more Famed for its beautiful black and white Tudor buildings and unique ‘rows’ where the picturesque galleries run above the central shops, the most prominent buildings in the city centre are the town hall and cathedral, formally the church of St Werburgh’s Abbey, dating back to the Norman era.

The city offers a large selection of bars, restaurants,entertainment and plenty more to explore on your coach break.

This book surveys the scene through over 100 contemporary images and detailed captions.

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