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If they make it in leopard print then you need to go buy it. It doesn't matter if you're so damn pale that black hair will make you look like you've just risen from the grave, it's mandatory.

Later when you get the hang of rockabilly you may try another color, but for beginners, go with black.

No more marathon viewings of Elvis movies, and Horton Heat videos!

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Something new from the east coast after nine years of the previous version. Why the distinction between West Yorkshire and Anglo-Scottish services? And do Lincoln services only connect into Scottish services?

A straight line all the way from London to Aberdeen, We like it. And does the train from Leeds stop at York, not going any further? And the different shades of blue - why does it get darker on the Inverness and Aberdeen lines? Based on the same design, these four maps mainly vary in how they show the 'connecting lines'.

Now you can consult the Idiot's Guide for the latest up to the minute advice on transforming your dull boring life into a new exciting rockabilly lifestyle!

First of all in your quest to become rockabilly you should remember to never EVER refer to rockabilly as rockabilly.

No worries doll, just get yourself a girdle to cinch yourself in. (Refer back to patient friend with strong stomach in previous chapter). To truly fit in with your newly adopted culture there are two things you'll need some basic knowledge of: Music: Ok, now we know you like Tiger Army, and well, ok, that's a good start.

Depending on how long you can hold your breathe, this will work, and if you play your cards right sweetheart you might catch the attention of one of those cute greaser boys! Play hard to get and you might even get three dates in before he gets that dress off you and finds out you're not a size 4! But you need to be able to speak knowledgably about more rockabilly music.After winning the franchise from GNER in 2007, National Express hasn't bothered to up-date their inherited system map, using unquestioned detail dating back two or three years, and a basic design going back eight.The design is based on the maps dated 2000 (see left) with a schematic route map badly overlaying a geographic outline.Complete your outfit with high heels which will give you blisters within 5 minutes of having them on your feet and you're off! Throw around some big names, like Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, or Wanda Jackson.But remember, if you're going to do that you need to know a few of their songs. This may be too pricey for you however, (especially after the guy who's selling you the car takes one look at your improperly cuffed jeans and lack of sailor tattoos, and jacks the price up on ya).(Also to be discussed in future chapters) -And a switchblade.

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