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Whitney, who herself falls into the broad category of "plus-size model," created the site based on her own struggles with dating.

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So it’s incumbent on conservatives to point out the craziness, share it with our less-political friends, and ask that simple question — is this the world you want?

Last month Whitney Thompson, winner of "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 10, jumped back onto our radar with a new project: a plus-sized dating website called The Big and the Beautiful.

The rest of America meanwhile laughs at a Doritos commercial, shakes its head at the very idea that a Prius could be cool, and enjoys a historic football game.

While ignorance can be bliss, it is also dangerous.

After some chit-chat, she invites them to take a ride in her new Mustang, which she seems a bit uncomfortable driving (it's stick).

That is, until she takes the car into an open parking lot and shows them what turn out to be some mad driving skills worthy of an action film. The expressions on the men's faces are priceless -- a perfect Valentine's Day treat, if you ask us.Super Bowl 52 is this weekend, but a few brands have started building suspense by releasing all or part of the commercials they’ll run on Sunday.Thirty-second ad spots during the Super Bowl reportedly cost million a pop, but brands ranging from Groupon to Stella Artois have begun teasing their commercials for free on You Tube.s there any aspect of family life, of humor, or of history that the Left doesn’t want to subvert, upend, or undo?Watching the Super Bowl yesterday, I was reminded once again that the Left lives in its own, upside-down world, where right is wrong, humor is only funny if it’s politically correct, and children aren’t a cause for celebration but instead represent an opportunity to lament the prevalence of “heterosexual breeders.” Twitter is the world’s premier delivery system for progressive stupidity, and on Super Bowl Sunday, it did not disappoint.Without significant pushback, the Left is free to keep nudging and hectoring the culture into dreary conformity.

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