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The claim about a child trafficking and a pedophile sex ring links to a story that makes no reference to either child trafficking or a sex ring.

Dažnai pasitaikantis reiškinys po operacijos yra nedidelis operuotos srities ir aplinkinių audinių tinimas, kuris trunka kelias paras, tai yra natūrali organizmo reakcija, kuri labai dažnai būna aplinkinių nepastebima.

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Political Pedophile Sex Ring exposed." "Hillary, Bill, all of them knew/know and were active participants," says the poster, who has the nickname "Wart Hog76." "DC and the FBI, DOJ fear a complete loss of public support for the federal government.

The latter pertain to the real-life story of financier Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire sentenced to 18 months in jail and ordered to register as a pedophile in 2008 after pleading guilty to a Florida felony charge of soliciting a minor.

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