Stop dating jerks Meet n fuck n sign up

It’s sad but true “ too many smart, sexy women have a thing for bad boys that they just can’t shake.

But the fact is, what may seem attractive in the short run usually just leads to long-term heartache.

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He was predictable—showing up when he said he would, bringing flowers, picking me up at the airport. He left, pissed off, and I ruminated all the next day. When I considered it, most of the charismatic men I'd dated were actually jerks or bad boys, hardly relationship material.

They'd subtly reject me but keep me around for fun, playing games where I always ended up the loser.

He had a cheerful disposition and didn't swear at drivers.

He'd raised a considerate daughter who shared his quirky sense of humor.

It’s time to take a closer look at your dating track record and say goodbye to the guys that won’t treat you right.

Pinpoint exactly what you’re attracted to Do you feel sexier when you’re around guys that treat you like an object?I was convinced I'd found my ideal man: intellectual, witty, artistic, and .We spent a passionate week together, and when I left town, I thought I was leaving behind a new long-distance boyfriend—one who, it turned out, didn't like to call or e-mail..Without that, the romance seemed to lose a certain thrill.One evening, after one too many drinks, some demon took over my brain and I con- fessed that I thought he was too boring for me.Forget about “saving” him You know how you always secretly hope that you’ll be the one to make that leopard change his spots? It can be hard to hear that the guy you’ve fallen for is a loser, but sometimes it’s what you really need.

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