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Mental disability or not, it needs to be out there.” CTV News has not seen any evidence of the alleged wrongdoing.

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Brianna launched her company, Let’s Chat Speech & Language Services, in 2015.

Brianna is passionate about helping young children develop into confident and successful communicators.

And Ryan Laforge and a team member from Tri-Cities Creep Catchers had their phone rolling and ready for action. That doesn’t stop Laforge and his fellow Creep Catcher from laying into their target for almost 10 minutes, as the camera streams it live online.

Their target, they say, was a man who thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl for sex in a public bathroom. He cuts to the chase: “You here to meet an underage child? Beyond the scooter, there is something about the way he talks that sounds a bit odd, something Laforge eventually clues in on. “I don’t want to get in any trouble,” the man says.

“[Creep Catchers] crossed many, many lines,” Bodnar says.

She adds: “He’s a victim here and I think they need to pay their dues for what they’ve done.” CTV News has made contact with the man in the scooter’s family. Seconds later, the scooter is hit by a car pulling out of the Sportsplex parking lot. It turns out the man in the scooter wasn’t injured. “I think the aggression level, we could tone it down a bit,” Laforge tells me.

Their top priority, she says, is to get the video taken down. In the final minutes of the video, the man in the scooter gives the camera the finger, curses, then speeds away, out of the parking garage and down a sidewalk. “If he has a diagnosed mental disorder, and if so, why was he not being watched?

” Creep Catchers has admitted it’s messed up before, including the time they were trying to identify a target they had already confronted, and posted a photo of the wrong man on their web site.

She has experience working with children ages 2-19 in the following areas: articulation, early language development, stuttering, selective mutism, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), and social-pragmatic skills.

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