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i'll be at the door waiting when they open at 10AM, that way i can be on my way home by i can be home by at the lastest still giving the boss my prescence for most of the day.

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it plays fantastic and i love the guitar, but i just HAVE TO know. so it IS what the seller told me it is, a 60's vibe Stratocaster.

it has that beautiful amber tinted super duper high gloss finish on the neck, nice rounded fret edges.

These serial numbers are either hand-printed on the back of the headstock (often in Sterling silver or gold ink or paint) or stamped on the fretboard beyond the last fret or sometimes both.

Serial numbers in this format are almost universally stamped or printed on the back of the headstock.

i got what i was told is a 60's vibe stratocaster and i almost trust the guy i got it from but maybe someone here could confirm?

CGS080400146 this is a sunburst, maple fretboard with that pretty looking high gloss finish on the neck with an almost amber tint to it with the wilkinson type tuning machines.

Note that there is opportunity for confusion with some of the other schemes listed here with regards to the initial letters F and I, however, this format is the only one which has just six characters.

It is believed that all Japanese-made models with this serial number format are produced by Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd.

Sugi produces only a handful of high-end models for Ibanez.

These include a few special Signature models and some J Customs.

Serial numbers can be useful in determining the age of a guitar as well as in which country and by which builder it was produced.

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