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It seems like every street in Bangkok has an apartment block being built these days.

If you want somewhere nearer the centre of town, you are looking at about £80,000-100,000 for a two bedroom apartment.

Go rural, however, or even to the city of Chiang Mai, and you can pick up a decent one bedroom place for £20-30,000.

Special location means paying near on what I could get a place for back home, and at least then I could safely assume it wouldn’t depreciate (I hope).

Well, if you do the math, and you know that your rent over 10 years will equal the price of buying a condo, then go for it.

Cost cutting property developers deliver great looking apartments, which will seem cheap to a foreigner. In fact, they are so cheap in build quality, that guaranteed, within a couple of years, you'll need to start carrying out maintenance on your apartment.

The freehold you get might seem attractive, but truth be told, it might as well be on a short lease if the entire building is going to look like crap within 10 years.On the face of it, buying an apartment in Thailand seems like a fantastic deal.For £40,000 you can get a decent one bedroom place in Bangkok.He was given a screwdriver and an ageing portion of cement in a plastic bag to do the job.Needless to say the tiles are already wobbling and will no doubt be cracked by next month.There is also another huge risk to buying before completion.

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