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(I'm having a lot of trouble searching for an answer because I'm not sure what words to use.) To prove that $\mathbb$ and $\mathbb$ both have same size, it's sufficient to show that there is a bijection between these two.

consider $f : \mathbb \rightarrow \mathbb$ which images each $x\in \mathbb$ to $(x,0)$. Assume another function $g : \mathbb \rightarrow \mathbb$.

The number of points on a line is uncountably infinite.

The number of lines on a plane is uncountably infinite.

The work around for this is to split out in two lines using the 'Edit Line Items' feature and use the tax rate "VAT import" to apply 100% tax for one line and then the normal 20% on the other.

So silly, but when i try to do the last couple parts of this Form... Form 8962 is a very complicated form, so don't feel alone in your frustration.   If line 25 is larger than line 24, there wouldn't be an entry on line 26, and there should be a positive number on line 27.  The instructions for line 27 say " If line 25 is greater than line 24, subtract line 24 from line 25.

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