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If you run a website you may have to deal with copyright law and related issues from two different sides: as a producer and as a consumer.If you blog, take photographs, publish music, or otherwise produce copyrightable content, you legally own that content.

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By the 18th century, and especially after the American Revolution, the conception of Free Speech had become a mostly accepted fact.

Copyright law could no longer be about granting special permission to print something, because the assumption of Free Speech is that anyone is free to print anything.

Copyright law, and the practical applications of it, have been racing to catch up with this new world.

Not everything is settled yet, but there are enough firm principles that you can protect yourself if you take the time to learn about it.

If you're just looking for the practical details, you can skip it.

But knowing why the law is how it is may help you understand it.

Modern copyright law is usually talked about as if it a protection for authors against others "stealing" and profiting from their work without the original creator being rewarded.

But the original conception was quite a bit different.

Hence the term "intellectual property." Strictly speaking, the only property at issue in intellectual property is a legal right to produce something.

This is an asset in a financial sense, so it can be thought of as property.

Whether you want to let other people use it or not is your decision, and there are things you need to know and do in either case.

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