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Superman departs and finds the Justice League hard pressed against the creature later known as Doomsday.The battle with Doomsday would end in Metropolis leaving both the monster and Superman dead.John William Di Maggio (born September 4, 1968) is an American Movie, Television, Voice actor and Comedian.

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Cat was on scene and became WGBS's reporter in the field to cover the event live.

She also spoke with Lois, who was almost numb with shock and grief.

Jimmy Olsen stays with Cat as they alert the police.

They try to get a hold of Clark and Lois, but the two had gone to Paris for a day's vacation.

Cat draws the gun and aims it at him, threatening to kill him and asking him to beg for mercy. After the funeral is over and most of the attendees have left, Superman arrives to off his condolences--and to apologize for not being able to save Adam.

At first Schott thinks she does not have the nerve, but then cowers at her feet begging for his life. Superman arrives a second later, having witnessed the event, but tells her he will not say anything about it. Cat tells Superman she does not blame him, as she knows he cannot save everyone.

She later admits to Vincent Edge she is worried about him.

Edge first makes a pass at her, then offers some comfort as a dinner invitation, and Cat decides to accept the offer (along with having her son come to dinner).

Cat quickly realizes Edge might be grooming Tana as her replacement.

After the Reign is over, however, Tana quits WBGS and Superboy leaves town, allowing Cat more of the spotlight. He acts out more and more, but one day he confesses to her that he blames himself for Jose leaving.

Jose, who is at home babysitting Adam, sees the coverage.

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